AAA Paving



A site designed to showcase the jobs they have performed for their customers, and to allow prospective new clients to learn more about what they do.


Captain Bu's Slip


The personal site of a high school classmate who displays a love for life, his wife, his dogs . . . and Jimmy Buffet.  A Parrot Head with many interests that he shares in this beautiful site.


Chambersburg Dart League


The Chambersburg Inter-Club Dart League (Baseball Darts) plays each week of Fall through Spring in various local clubs.  The site gives the players a central point to see schedules, results, player statistics, etc.


Eagles Club, Inc.


The “Downtown” Eagles club is a social club with nearly 3,000 members, with full-service dining and bar facilities, as well as one of the largest ballrooms in the area.  The site serves as a way for members to see what events are coming up, as well as menu specials for the coming week.


Enterprise Flooring


They will take care of all your vinyl, ceramic, and laminate flooring needs.


MC Signs


Designed and setup the site for client to provide their customers with a complete description of the services they provide, along with photo galleries of jobs they have completed.


Mason-Dixon Dart League


The Mason-Dixon Dart League (English Dart League) that plays in a number of Taverns from Franklin County, PA and Washington County in MD every Tuesday night from Fall to Spring.


Now & Then Boutique


Unique furniture and home decor that has been upcycled, recycled, and repurposed. Items often take on a new purpose, and almost always a new look, after they have been transformed by owner/manager Dominique Scalia.


Rouzerville Business Association


The Rouzerville Business Association represents many businesses operating in the Rouzerville area. The site features businesses and events that are happening in Rouzerville.  The unique animated menu buttons were created with a Cival War theme, with North and South squaring off, and then a cannon shot as the new page loads.


Salem Church


The Little Church with A Big Heart celebrated 225 years in 2010. The work on this site is the result of a donation by us to the Gala Cancer Auction, and the winning bidder, who then donated it to the church. With the help of the Pastor of the church, this has quickly become a fully functioning site, keeping church members aware of activities through publications, photos, and more.


South Mountain Fish & Game


A non-profit organization created to promote enjoyment and safety in outdoor hunting and fishing activities. They provide practice ranges for their members, conduct classes in techniques and safe use of all equipment used in the activities, as well as provide a social environment for members. This site is currently being developed and members are maintaining information as it becomes available.


Velocity Flyers


An organization of Powered-Paraglding and Ballooning enthusiasts. Book their balloon for you special event.  They now also offer Drone photographic and video services.


Waynesboro Fellowship


Waynesboro area churches have formed a fellowship where they can share ideas and teachings among their congregations.


Waynesboro Gala Auction



The Wayneboro Area Gala Auction in support of the American Cancer Society is an annual affair that has long been “the place to be” each spring. The creation and maintenance of this site is part of our annual contribution to ACS.  The theme and look of this site changes every year.  Click the link to see the current version.



WASH 1970



Waynesboro Area Senior High Class of 1970. The creation and maintenance of this site has been a labor of love for Ray. It has given his graduating class a means to stay in touch. The reunion committee uses the site to keep track of all class members, and to distribute information regarding events. The site features animated navigation tools, an email directory, and database access — which allows the class members to maintain their personal information.


WASH 1966


Waynesboro Area Senior High Class of 1966. A site for the graduating class of many friends, and several relatives, of Ray. We hope it will give their class a means to stay in touch. It also is based on the WASH1970 site, with unique changes requested by their committee.


WASH 1960


Waynesboro Area Senior High Class of 1960. Another labor of love for Ray, for the graduating class of his sister, Pam. We hope it will give their class a means to stay in touch. It incorporates many of the same features of the original WASH1970 site, with specific changes requested by their committee.


Willobrook Pet Spa


All the care your pet could need, whether for grooming, occasional daycare, or extended boarding. The health and well-being of your beloved pet will always be foremost in their concerns. We have not yet begun to convert this site from it’s original design, and will be working with the owners to come up with a new look and updated content, very soon.